Nidhi Odedara

Growth and Operations Strategist

About Nidhi

Nidhi has 15+ years of management consulting experience, ranging from corporate strategy, operations & process optimization, emerging technology adoption, international development, to global innovation strategy. She has spent much of her career with global teams, both in public and private sectors, focused on improving company innovation strategies and developing leading intellectual capital across industries and countries.
Nidhi’s experience is broad and gained from working internationally, at early-stage startups, nonprofits and at top-tier global consultancies such as Deloitte and Oliver Wyman. Nidhi is also a full-service strategy and technology advisor and focuses on creating impact through emerging tech (e.g., AI/ML, blockchain) and sustainability driven strategies.
Nidhi is selected to lead strategic partnerships in the US of tech-focused startups looking to expand in MENA for The Private Office of the ruling royal family of Dubai as well as providing strategic advisory services to US startups focused on high impact projects.
Her accolades and projects include:
● Recipient of Deloitte's Outstanding Performance Award.● Winning team of Deloitte's Federal Innovation Tournament ● Consulted the Ministry of Education in Gujarat, India - helping understand the importance of educating girls.● Mentoring women entrepreneurs globally for 4 years via Cherie Blair's Foundation for Women.

Nidhi holds two BScs from Virginia Tech University, USA: A BSc in Economics with a minor in Global Business and another in Accounting Information Systems.
In addition to making Dean’s List, Nidhi was also a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity.