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The concept of HONEST MANAGEMENT is built on the premise that as a manager or leader, honesty, should be your mantra. I believe that HONEST leaders should be fair, competent, trustworthy, courageous in making informed decisions, never shying away from encouraging others to share their opinions, be brave enough in advocating the building of new leaders, celebrating others and embrace humility when it comes to learning from others.
At a personal level, I also believe that as we only have one life to live, we are responsible for leading our lives. This journey starts with being honest with yourself about what in fact motivates you (a secret that resides within, until you share it and live by it). In relationships, the real you should always show up in the way you interact with people at all levels.
At Honest Management we offer you services that align with your quest to build a business based on a sincere desire to reach your best potential. 
We are the antithesis of dishonest management either in the work place or with yourself. 


We help our clients achieve their goals by providing performance-enhancing advisory services via a dedicated team of honest and highly skilled consultants.


To be recognized as one of the most respected, reliable & sincere business advisory services company in the Middle East and African region.

What We Offer to Our Clients

Learn more about the services we offer to our individual and business clients.

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Keynote Speakers

Invite us to talk in person or virtually about issues we are passionate about, sustainability, international development, impact investing, healthcare, youth empowerment, coffee, and more. Honest Management is committed to developing sustainable and profitable solutions built on our 40+ years experience working with several international organizations in the world.

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Entrepreneurship and Start-up Mentoring

We've worked with over 40 SMEs and start-ups to enhance their businesses and help them unlock a new level of potential. Being a successful entrepreneur requires a community of helpers, so contact us for advice on your start-up, VC Fund, Venture Studio and your company's go-to-market strategy in the Middle East and African region.

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Thought Mapping

Are you a leader that wants to bounce ideas with Lameen, an accomplished Thought Leader? Then contact us for a unique one-to-one session. A strategic thinking session is a great way to kick-start your creative thinking and encourage you to think beyond solutions that are rooted in the status quo. Imagining your company's future and how your ideas might help starts with tapping into your brainpower to think big, prepare for anything, so that the ideas can flow.

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Government Advisory Services

With over 40 years of experience in international affairs, diplomacy, designing country strategies, business processes, cancer management, sustainability, thought leadership and leadership development, we can help you design a tailor-made made strategy based on good ideas, best practices in negotiation tactics and technology solutions to create a successful strategy moving forward.

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Youth Empowerment

We're passionate about impacting the World and this starts with empowering the next generation and working with people who want to disrupt the World to impact millions of people's lives positively. We are already working with VCs and Youth Hubs to advise the next generation on how to impact the future. Contact us for advice on youth empowerment.

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Business Transformation

This service is designed to transform you from a Founder to a CEO right through enhancing your company's business through intelligent operations, change management, consultative selling and a go-to-market strategy. This is already a favourite amongst our existing clients. Call now to schedule a session.

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Digital and IT Strategy

Our Digital Transformation and IT specialists will design the most suitable digital and IT strategy for your company to enhance your competitive edge incorporating your short, medium and long term business goals, including the business of METAVERSE, IT infrastructure, ERP Application and Program Management.

Our Thoughts & Insights

We offer a plethora of services to help you drive your growth