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Getting to Know Lameen

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your life here on earth”
Lameen Abdul-Malik has set himself a goal to work with like-minded people to impact one billion people’s lives positively over the next 10 years and is subsequently spearheading efforts to support that ethos. One of which, is the recent launch of 100 IDEAs Cafe (a crowd sourcing platform to source innovative ideas to impact our world positively focusing on health, sustainability, technology and the youth).
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize with his colleagues during his tenure at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 2005 for which he worked for over 14 years, Lameen focused on transferring the peaceful use of nuclear science and technology to meet development goals in Africa. He considers his greatest achievements at the IAEA in using US$200,000 of the prize money from the Nobel peace prize, to help establish Zambia’s first cancer hospital, which opened in 2007 and treats about 1,500 cancer patients annually. In 2018, he developed a regional strategy to help Africa focus on three priorities in human health, food and agriculture and radiation safety in using nuclear science and technology to address its development challenges.
More recently, from January to October 2021, he was headhunted to be Director of Think at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute, where he oversaw the launch of a unique global infectious diseases index that tracks up to 60 pathogens daily, initiated white papers and a research agenda in line with the SDGs to highlight topical issues and launched the healthcare, sustainability and AI/Robotics roadmap, as well as guided the selection and curation of ideas aimed at alleviating global societal challenges.
He is also very passionate about coffee, for which he has been writing for over 14 years under his personal blog www.fromcoffeewithlove.com and has been featured on CNNs website for Drinking Coffee in October 2020. In June 2019 he was invited by the International Coffee Organisation to participate in a EU Coffee Symposium on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, where he interacted with industry giants like Starbucks, Illy and Nestle to discuss the coffee value chain and he documented his experience in an article on how Africa can benefit from the coffee value chain.
He founded Honest Management Consulting to focus on empowering people and businesses to sincerely map out their future by creating a sustainable and profitable model that will enable them to function optimally to achieve maximum growth and profitability. We help our clients achieve their goals by providing performance-enhancing advisory services via a dedicated team of honest and highly skilled consultants.

Our Process

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Client Brief

We liaise with key principals and stakeholders to define the scope of the investigation.



We ask you to ensure that the work to be conducted is assessed based on your businesses DNA (it's WHY) before we embark on whether our method or proposed solutions would be a good fit.


Problem Clarification

We then issue a letter of analysis, target solution options, and a letter of engagement in its entirety.


Client Debrief

At this stage, we ensure that all relevant stakeholders agree on the problem definition, solutions, and process for the application.


Client Feedback

Asides from conducting regular follow up, before launching the project, we conduct a final check with stakeholders.



Once due diligence is completed on the project, it is then concluded.

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We are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.