Dr. Karen Christaki 

Radiotherapy Medical Physicist.
& Dosimetry Laboratory Specialist 

About Karen

Karen has a PhD in radiation physics, with seven years experience working at the International Atomic Energy Agency, eight and a half years working as a clinical Medical Physicist and twenty two years working at the National Physical Laboratory.
Karen has proven ability in leadership of teams engaged in technical work on a wide variety of projects related to radiotherapy and project management to consistently ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.Karen began her career in radiation dosimetry at the National Physical Laboratory.
During her time at NPL she managed projects and led the NPL component of a multi-partner international bid for EU funding that was successful. Subsequently, Karen moved into the clinic where she helped to establish new radiotherapy departments, implement new radiotherapy techniques and perform routine radiotherapy Medical Physics duties.
For the past seven years Karen worked at the International Atomic Energy Agency where she was employed as radiotherapy medical physics technical officer and more recently Head of the IAEA dosimetry Laboratory.
Key Skills:
• Radiotherapy Medical Physicist.
• Research and development into various radiotherapy techniques.
• Laboratory Manager
• Experience of health, safety and quality management
• Publication of key reports and papers in peer review journals.
• Supervision and mentoring of junior staff members.
• Experience working with LMI countries.
• Organisation of scientific meetings and conferences.
• Project Management.