Fouad Mattar

Renewable Energy Consultant 

About Fouad

Fouad Mattar is a renewable energy consultant with a strong focus on the hydrogen economy sphere with experience in technical due diligence, commercial evaluation and analysis of engineering systems. He has also been a lead lecturer in Mechatronics/VP CERT Operations, Telematics and Renewable Energy Systems at the Dubai Men’s College for over 28 years and is a Member of the Green/Sustainability Committee.
His knowledge in this area is vast, ranging from Solar PV/Wind systems and the Hydrogen Economy/Ecosystem to hydrogen production, compression, conversion, storage and transport, as well as developing electrolysis solutions to meet given requirements, designing solar/wind integrated solutions, evaluation and analysis of engineering systems, energy efficiency assessment and solutions and advising them on net zero emissions, the circular economy and ESG requirements.
He has also developed economic analysis for the full value chain from renewable upstream (wind & solar) to downstream (ammonia) and is an advisor on carbon credits.
His Projects Include: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car, Hybrid Solar-Hydrogen Car, Hybrid Solar-Wind Hydrogen Production Systems, Solar Decathlon, Solar Desalination, Solar Cooling, Sustainable Agriculture Systems.

His Research have focused on: Green Hydrogen production, Wave Energy, PV System Integration & Smart Grid, Storage Systems Including H2, Fuel Cells, Application of Robotics and Nano Technologies to Renewables. He has expertise in Renewable Energies and Energy Audit and is on the Board of the Renewable Energies Advisory Board. He is currently a renewable energy consultant in hydrogen for HEMA Energy, where he advises them on all forms of renewable energy systems & energy storage, with emphasis on the hydrogen economy.