Lessons From Our Daughters Vision

Lessons From Our Daughters Vision

In short, our daughters desire to study Law with the intention to rewrite as much injustice as she would like in the future at a premier university in the UK was not something my wife and I were even aware of until she made the announcement when she was about 15 years old.

Fast forward ⏩ to 2022 and she graduated with a first class, praise God, but what did I learn? 

EMPHATIC VISION - aligning something that bothers you and seeking a skill to address the wrong or perhaps champion the rights of others.

💡Lesson: mix empathy with your vision.

DETERMINATION - a strong work ethic to succeed in accordance with that vision no matter the challenges; she had to self learn a lot of work due to the pandemic.

💡Lesson: Learn from challenges rather than blaming them for your inaction.

FAITH - yes there will be challenges when you work hard on a project or essay and you won’t understand why your efforts were not rewarded but having faith that one grade doesn’t determine your final path is key, along with prayers of course, to keep you centered.

Lesson: a failed project doesn’t mean a failed you nor career.

A GROWTH MINDSET - following on from above, our daughter would always challenge her lecturers or teachers to understand why she didn’t get a higher mark, unless it was a 💯 bit just to be nuisance but to understand how she could improve. (Note: I never did this and my daughter and I often joke about mindsets when I say that’s too tough)

💡Lesson: there’s always room for improvement even in our understanding and don’t attach yourself to “I can’t” until you’ve tried your hearts best “

In short, it starts with observing from within what bothers you and then being determined to minimize that blurp in your heart, followed by a strong will to succeed coupled with faith and perseverance 🏃🏾‍♀️

Before I go, I must mention how my wife played a key role in building our daughters confidence too because I believe that being self confident is born from a keen sense of self awareness.😊